Custom 16-ply mat. Only available at Blackbird Framing in Chicago.



Attractive as well as functional, the matting is a key element in your frame design. By creating air space between the face of the artwork and the glass, the mat helps eliminate potential issues, particularly for framed pieces in humid climates.


The mats can also provide several design qualities that will enhance the art. The addition of a mat serves to provide size, color, and depth. Multiple mats add even more depth, giving the framed piece a three-dimensional look. Wider mats create breathing space between the art and frame, keeping the frame from overpowering the art.


To further coordinate with your décor, a wide variety of fabrics can be used to wrap the mat, creating something truly unique that you wont find anywhere else.


Whether large or small, contact us today to discuss your project.  


Custom Matting for Awards and Recognition Programs, visit our sister company's website at 


Hand-wrapped linen spacers and backing board. Click to view one of the options to create a custom-mat!  We welcome you to bring in your own fabric.


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