Can you frame something for me today ?


Yes, we do same day framing with our in stock materials.


I have multiple pieces to frame. Do you offer any discounts for someone bringing in multiple pieces to frame ?


Yes, we will work with you and offer a discount for a multiple order framing job.


Do you stretch canvas paintings ?


Yes, we stretch canvas and other materials. We can do traditional stretching as well as gallery wrap stretching.


I have a big piece of art to frame, do you do oversize framing ?


Yes, oversize framing is one of our specialties. We do it all in house!


What is the biggest oversized frame you can make ?


Depending on the frame and how you would like it built, there is no limit.


What is the biggest size plex-glass you can get for an oversized frame ?


The biggest plex-glassi we can get in a standard oversize is 72 x 96 inches.


Can you repair a frame for me ? It fell off the wall and the corners are coming apart.


Yes, we are happy to make that repair and make it look new for you.


I already have a frame and need a new matboard. Can you just cut a matboard for me with an opening to the size I need ?


Yes, we are happy to custom cut a matboard to fit your frame and artwork.


I need to ship my frame. Can you make a box and package it for me ?


Yes, we can make a custom box and package it to the UPS and FED EX standards.